Wednesday, September 14, 2011

She Makes Me Laugh

I read a lot of blogs...mostly decorating blogs. Other blogs I love because of their photography.  Some for the recipes.  But I have some that I go to because the writer makes me laugh.  I don't even remember how I stumbled on this one particular blog but I've been reading it for at least 2 years. 

I comment rarely on blogs that I read, but I've commented on Anna's a few times because I love her writing and her mind works like mine does.  I've never heard anyone else put in to words the exact same thing that I've thought before.  She is an eloquent and funny writer much like Erma Bombeck. 

As I clicked on it today, the thought going through my mind was "I need a good laugh."  In that split second of clicking, I was preparing to laugh. 

But instead, I got kicked in the gut. 

Anna See of An Inch of Gray sees the humorous side of life in the daily stuff.  And now she has been handed the worst dose of sadness in the world.  All humor has been sucked right out of her.

You know what that is.  And all I can think about right now is Anna.  And the word UNFAIR keeps coming to mind.

An accident.  A split second.  Changed her world.  Her boy was being a boy.  He was playing out in the back.  I don't know details but I suspect she was letting him be the 7th grade boy that he was.

And 7th grade boys, just like the rest of us, can't fight the strength of raging waters. 

His town, near Washington, D.C., was experiencing a huge storm and flooding. 

Now another word comes to mind.  ANGRY.

I'm angry he was taken from her.  I'm angry she is going through this.  I'm angry her daughter lost her brother.  And the father lost his son....and really his "family" as he knew it forever. 

And I'm really angry that Anna probably won't make me laugh for a very, very long time....because she will probably not find humor in her daily life for a very, very long time.

If you click on her link.....scroll way back to before.  I want you to know the Anna that makes people laugh.  And I want you to read the stories of Jack....and how he made his family laugh.


  1. I am so sorry... I just went to her blog and read several postings... going back a few months... how very tragic.

  2. Yes - I know. I have had some of my best laughs with Anna - I suspect anyone who knows her would say as much. She won't lose that piece of herself entirely - I don't think it's possible. But it won't ever be exactly the same. How could it be?

  3. It's heartbreaking. I does make one want to click the back button over and over until that last post before the tragedy occurs. I'LL GIVE THE CAUTION WARNING...NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. Julia, you are good in these situations, you are so caring and effected but can still handle it. I go to bed. That's not fair; I shouldn't do that because she is the one who needs strength and support. It truly shows how fast a life can be turned upside down and to thank one's blessings constantly. It keeps a lot of things in perspective. I'm not far, Anna, should you need an extra friend. Bless you Julia for sharing this so we can pray for their family.

  4. When I started reading your post I thought wait a minute I know this story. The grandson of a dear friend of mine, was a friend of Jack. They live in the same neighborhood not far from where I use to live. We have been praying for them. Thanks for sharing so others will also.