Saturday, February 9, 2008


Jordan got the job offer she was waiting for.....with The Fiesta Bowl Organization that she interned with for 5 months. She will be heading back to Arizona for good sometime in the next 2 weeks. There is alot to figure out.....she must find an apartment, load up her things and get it all out there. (You know, the things that we just hauled back?)

She is so happy.....this is exactly what she wanted. Looks like we will get to vacation in AZ for the next few years. When Jordan was a little girl, I always had a feeling she would end up in California or some other far away place. Just a feeling that would come over me now and then. So it's like I am seeing something happen, that I always knew would happen. I will miss her....but we have a wonderful phone relationship, so I look forward to that.


  1. Julia...Congratulations to Jordan...and you and Chuck...for raising a smart, independent, and successful daughter. "Give them roots and give them wings." What a fun place Arizona will be to vacation. How exciting!

  2. Congrats Jordan!!! And great work getting right where you want to be on your part but also your parent's part, I hope you know they are amazing, I'm sure you do. Love, Stephanie