Sunday, February 3, 2008

Latest project....

A few weeks ago, my friend Kathy and I drove over to an antiques show in Brenham. I was not looking for anything.....just getting out for the day and enjoying the drive, the weather and conversation. The show was a little disappointing. The term "dead people's stuff" comes to mind. I know that saying is very rude when referring to antiques...but it rang a little true that day. There was just a lot of very high priced stuff....that you might see at any garage sale. I did find some really cute vintage cards and then stumbled onto a pine hutch. It caught my eye and I returned to the booth before leaving the show for the day. Before I knew it, I had purchased it.

Why, you ask?

Well, Chuck inherited his grandparents dining room furniture about 15 years ago. It was purchased by his grandparents in 1940. The set includes a table, 6 chairs, a buffet, a china closet and table pads....for a grand total of $137.95. That's 1940 dollars. (I know this because the original receipt was kept in the top drawer of the buffet.) It is not something I would have gone out and chosen, but it has special meaning to Chuck and it has a lot of character......gently used and scratched. And the best was free. Check that off the list of furniture he will never have to buy.

I have always wanted a hutch to go with the set as I use the buffet in the entryway and the china closet in the living room. The china closet is like an armoire with tall legs. So when I saw this pine hutch...the wheels started turning. It was a good price and so with a quick phone call to Chuck and just a little convincing him that we NEEDED this, it was sold to me. It took 2 trips to get it home as I no longer own the road monster/Suburban.

I bought 2 Mackenzie Childs knobs while in Scottsdale for the top drawer. Chuck spent last weekend staining it to match our furniture and below is the finished product.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

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  1. Julia,
    Your finished piece of furniture looks fabulous...of course. You have been blessed with a gift for "just the right touch" here and there, and you, in turn, continuouly bless those around you by sharing your goodies, gifts, and talents. You are a wonder and He shines through you.