Monday, January 21, 2008

Tip for the day.......

Do not attempt to ride in a car built for dwarfs for 2 days/22 hours with your 22 year old "know-it-all" daughter and her very hairy cat........if you are large and also Know It All and are not very fond of cats.

Jordan and I arrived safely back to Cypress around 4:00 this afternoon. I flew in to Phoenix late on Thursday evening. She surprised me by meeting me in the baggage area. We got to eat out and shop around Scottsdale on Friday. Saturday was packing and cleaning and shipping 8 extra large boxes and waiting for people to come pick up excess furniture and stuff and running errands like oil changes and returning cable boxes and then checking in to a hotel for the night. Whew! I was exhausted. I took a shower and hit the bed. Jordan took a shower and went out with her friends one last time. That's the difference of 27 years.

The drive from Phoenix, AZ, to Cypress, TX, is the longest drive in the whole United States. And here's the real funny part. We may be making it again real soon. I am not supposed to talk about this but who really reads this blog..... Jordan has an interview on February 4, with the organization she just interned with and they may be offering her a full time position. Which is what she really wants. Of course, they couldn't do it before I flew out there to move her back. That would have made too much sense and saved the Hackneys way too much money. We are the Hackneys and we prefer to throw our money away on things such as shipping 8 extra large boxes of crap across the southwestern US....only to turn around and put them on a UHaul, which I am sure will cost a fortune, in a few weeks. But after our long, very long........did I mention LONG.....trip back, I am voting for Chuck to do the next trip! Please, everybody VOTE FOR CHUCK!

I didn't take any pictures but it was beautiful there. It reminded me of Palm Springs, CA, which I consider to be one of my favorite places. Clear skies, palm trees, perfect weather and mountains in the background.

Jordan, I know you are reading let me say for the record, that I love you more than life. However, I think in God's great plan, he made 22 years olds ready to leave the nest. I know you are ready to leave this nest. I witnessed your maturity these last 5 months as you ventured out alone in Scottsdale and made an impression on your co-workers and bosses. You found your way around the area and made it your "home."

You have so many characteristics of mine .....independence, adventurous spirit, wanderlust, animal lover,...some of the good ones. But then you seem to have some of my pesky moody in the morning, stubborness, "know-it-all", having to always have the very last word. You are my first have been the first pancake....the one you practice on. You will be the first to leave this nest. Just know that this "leaving the nest" thing is new to me from the "mom" side.

I am thinking in God's perfect plan, he put a parent and their child in a very small car for 2 days straight and threw in a cat to be sure that they would be very ready to be apart. Because God knew how much that parent and that child loved each other.


  1. "OMG!" This is SOOOOO COOL!
    How in the world do you find the time or energy to create something like this! I'm "fricking" crying over this right now!

    Will's date...WOW! You go guy!

    I can't get past which throw pillow I should use on my couch...thinking I need you..of course. ...and you share this.....incredible..

    This is so much you.....
    so full of love and wisdom to guide others (like me)...very special to so many people...

    This is why I call you my "dearest" of friends....the energy you put into this...I know you would give to me...if I needed it!


  2. It's hard to believe that I'm re-reading this when you are getting ready to do this again in reverse! Don't read this post just this comment. Maybe you need me to come down there and help y'all out? I've driven from Texas to California so many times I can do it blindfolded. Get on I-10 and turn right at L.A. (that's to get to Carmel but you won't have to go nearly as far). It's not as though you are going on a driving trip to Nebraska with your mother for a week!!!