Thursday, October 18, 2007

Old Town McKinney

These are pictures of Old Town McKinney and some of the fall decorations. If you are looking for a great weekend trip.....this is it. Antiques, boutiques and restaurants....and bed & breakfasts, too. Cuter than the pictures can capture.

The first weekend in October I went on a girl's trip with my great friend Karen. She and I had been talking about getting together and going somewhere for the last 8 years. After much emailing back and forth with dates that worked for her and dates that worked for me, we finally found a weekend and marked it in ink on the calendar. I picked Old Town McKinney for our location for 2 reasons. The first reason is that I got a quick peek at it this summer and just knew I had to go back and spend time there. The second reason is that my cousin Barbara lives in McKinney and we would have a cozy place to stay.

We had the best time........eating, talking, shopping and shopping. Barbara and her husband, Jim, are the best hosts. Jim was the minister of the Methodist church in McKinney for several years so they know everywhere to go and everything to do around the square. Barbara took Karen and I to some shops off the main square that Karen and I would probably have never seen. We ate at an Italian restaurant on Saturday evening......along with about 75 highschool homecoming dates....and only got seated right away because the owner knew Barbara and Jim. It really is about WHO you know.

My favorite place was a furniture store that also carried lots of decorative fabrics and trims. I could have spent hours in there. Not only did it have the greatest selection but everything was 40% off. I was in fabric shopping heaven. I couldn't think clear enough to really stock up on fabric for future projects. I guess I will have to go back. I did find some fabric to redo my dining room valances and will show those off in my next post.

We had breakfast on Sunday morning then left to head back to Houston. Two exits down the road is The Allen Premium Outlet Mall.........and 5 hours later we left to really head back to Houston. Whew! I think we ran out of steam about the same time we ran out of money.

Karen......thanks for your valuable time, your wonderful friendship, your generosity (all my little happies that you showered me with!) and the nonstop conversation that made the drive up there and back seem so quick.


  1. Now you just need to take a trip to Scottsdale and you can shop and eat some more with me.

  2. Wow! Now exactly HOW do you get all that done??? I loved seeing and visiting with you, but all of a sudden you were gone. Too short! And, look what else you accomplished with your time. I love the clever! You put the rest of us in the shade. All that and full time work, too.

    Bring your "kit and kabudle" right on back here. I miss you!