Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Today was the 2nd annual Book Character Parade at Black Elementary. Basically, it is
a chance for the kids and staff to dress up, but instead of "Halloween costumes"....they must choose a character from a book. So, my kindergarten partner, Debbie, and I dressed as the "Meanies." Meanies are troll like animals that sleep in garbage cans, wash in mud puddles, drink their bath water and eat old bubblegum off the bottom of chairs. And they are very mean to others. The book ends with "Who wants to be a meanie?" "NOT ME!" Debbie wore the trash filled garbage can and I carried a chair with old bubblegum under the seat. We were a hit with the kids....and that's all that matters.

There were lots of Harry Potters, Cinderellas and Juney B. Jones in the halls today. Today, kids got to be kids.

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  1. Meanies live in rubbish bins, that's where meanies live.