Monday, April 14, 2014

First and Fifth

Three of our family members just participated in the BP MS150 Ride from Houston to Austin this past weekend.  Three family members participating meant the rest of us had to attend to cheer them on.  Which meant some flew in and others drove, all ate out many times and 3 hotel rooms were booked in Austin.  Six to eight adults and one 13 month old. The baby actually complained less than all of the adults.

We waited on the side of the road in LaGrange on Saturday then headed to Austin on Sunday but all of those pictures on are my cell phone....which is now lost and assumed stolen and a whole other story.  So these are from my real camera which I haven't gotten out in months.


It was the first time for Chuck and our son-in-law, Chris, to ride in the event but the fifth time for our daughter Cameron.  Last year, I spent the 2 or 3 hours of our "wait time" taking pictures of everything.  By the time Cameron crossed the finish line, my camera battery was dead.  So this year I was warned to not let that happen again.  The result is I have just a few pictures of everything else, but got Cameron coming around the corner after the Finish! 

Chuck rode the 76 miles from Houston to LaGrange the first day but decided to opt out of the second day because of his knee pain and pure exhaustion from the head winds and hills...predominately the up part of those hills.  I am extremely proud of him for those 76 miles as, I know, I couldn't even get on those skinny wheeled bikes, much less start pedaling and stay upright. 

Our son-in-law, Chris, with Liam.
  While I'm sure Liam was proud of his daddy,
 he really just wanted to hold the cell phone.

Chris and Cameron and Liam.

The blonde haired, blue eyed, bug bitten baby boy.

Aunt Catha and Uncle Kim showed up just in time to see Cameron come across the Finish Line.  They were on the other side of the barrier than us and Liam saw them first!  No need to get his eyes checked.

Chuck on the far left and the Arizonians.

The best part of the weekend was being all together...even when the moods swung up and back down...because Liam was here!  He is just the best, most flexible tag-a-long.  Everybody got in lots of holding and hugging and loving on him.  Even Craig held Liam...after he told me, "I don't hold babies.." and I said "yes, you do....NOW."

And now, just for Cameron...

Not yet...

There she is!  Her hand on the handlebar is where the letter t is in Austin.

She is second from the left...10029.

I'm getting a "yes, you are getting me on camera" smile.

There she goes...just finished her fifth MS150 Ride from Houston to Austin. 
 All for the cure.

And just a little bit of everything else...

Sunday was an overcast day with a little breeze now and then. 
 Perfect for waiting on the side lines.
And for little blonde headed boys who love to be outside.

All 3 of the riders say they're going to do it again next year. 
 I have one year to find this outfit for Chuck.

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